Don is a nationally and internationally recognized speaker who has conducted hundreds of presentations.

The One Move that Will Save Your Life!!!
6-180 Minutes – In this enlightening presentation, tailored to the time frame of the event, attendees discover how virtually anyone can easily and effectively STOP potentially deadly violent physical assault and abuse, in virtually every situation and circumstance, by deploying ONE MOVE.  Don exposes the myth that plagues the martial arts and self-defense industry, that could get you KILLED!  Then Don shares the Solution that will Save your Life and Save your Family.  In “The One Move that Will Save Your Life” Don introduces his most important, proprietary and unique TACTIC, based on three universal success principals.  This Tactic will not only save your life in the event of a physical assault, it will increase your Faith, improve your Health, better your Relationships, create Financial Freedom, experience more Fun, and make you Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.

Don speaks regularly at Trade Shows, Women’s Expos, Preparedness & Survival Shows, Corporations, Churches, Universities, Schools, Fraternal and Service Organizations and Private Group meetings.  His presentations are also used as organization fundraisers.  Ask us how we could speak for no charge!  If you’d like to get details and check availability to have Don speak to your group or at your event, Contact Us