Membership Special

Congratulations on completing Protective Tactics 101 Immersion Training!

Thank you for your interest in accepting and further enhancing your Response-Ability to keep yourself, family, friends, and even your community, happier, healthier, and safer.  You have been accepted.

You are now invited to join the Protective Tactics family with an All-Inclusive Protective Tactics Lifetime Membership.  This invitation is now available to you for a very limited time.

When you invest now in the All-Inclusive Protective Tactics Lifetime Membership you will receive features valued at over $100,000.  We call this an exchange in abundance.  We realize that when you receive value that so far exceeds the amount of your investment, you will encourage others to attend and join too!  As promised, here is everything in writing that I said I would include in your All-Inclusive Protective Tactics Lifetime Membership.  When you invest now and become an All-Inclusive Protective Tactics Lifetime Member, you will receive:

  • PT101 Lifetime Attendance
    Develop Unconscious Competence.  You may attend Protective Tactics 101 Immersion Training Events, free of charge, as often as you wish, and as many times as you wish, for life.
  • PT102 Lifetime Attendance
    Develop the skills to stop an attacker wielding a stick, knife, or gun.  For PT101 graduates only.  PT102 utilizes all the physical skills of PT101, and teaches you how to neutralize the attackers weapons.  In the process, you also learn how to use those weapons.
  • CT101 Lifetime Attendance
    For PT101 graduates only.  First and foremost, you need the skills to save your life and save your family.   CT101 goes to the next level to include Contain, Control, & Comply.  Designed specifically for 1st responders such as on-site security, bodyguards, bouncers, firemen, paramedics, law enforcement, even parents, teachers and health care professionals.
  • PT Defensive Handgun Lifetime Attendance
    A firearm can be the ultimate neutralizer against physical assault.  While not the most powerful firearm, the handgun is the most convenient to keep readily available in our day to day lives.  Learn to use the handgun safely and effectively to stop a violent attack.
  • PT Fighting Handgun Lifetime Attendance
    For those who desire to carry a handgun, PT Fighting Handgun is a must.  On the street, it isn’t enough to be a safe, good marksman.  You need to understand, prepare, and train for the dynamics of an extreme close quarters ambush, multiple attackers, and active shooter/killer realities.
  • Lifetime Attendance to all PT courses at any location.
    Whether in your home town, or anywhere across the country, you may attend any and all courses advertised to the public as many times as you wish, as often as you wish, for life.
  • Guaranteed Placement with two week advance enrollment.
    No worries about whether or not “you can get in”.  As a member, your placement is guaranteed.
  • Lifetime Attendance to All PT courses developed in the future.  You may attend ANY  Protective Tactics course, current classes offered and those offered in the future, free of charge, and as often as you wish, and as many times as you wish, for life.
  • Protective Tactics TV Micro Lesson Video Training.
    Lifetime access to PT Video Training on Protective Tactics TV.  The ongoing PT Micro Lesson Video Training helps to keep PT tactics top of mind.  Delivered via email and available online, you’ll receive ongoing micro training videos for a full year, plus additional video lessons as developed.  You can also access all the videos at any time via Protective Tactics TV online.  You’ll discover tactics that will not only save your life and save your family in the event of a violent attack, you’ll learn how to reduce the likelihood that you are selected as a target and prevent attacks too.  You’ll even learn some tactics on how to improve every aspect of your life!
  • BONUS!  Front Sight Firearms Lifetime Membership.
    This bonus by itself is worth at least 10 times your investment in the All Inclusive Protective Tactics Lifetime Membership.  The bonus is a Patriot Lifetime Membership to Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.  Click on the link to learn what you get with a Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Lifetime All-Inclusive Patriot Membership – You may attend Two-Day Handgun, Two-Day Shotgun, Two-Day Rifle, Four-Day Handgun, Four-Day Shotgun, & Four Day Rifle, free of charge, and as often as you wish and as many times as you wish!  You may also buy ammo at 20% over cost, and guns at cost!!!  The Front Sight Patriot membership alone is valued at $9,000 – $40,000.  Through a special arrangement with Front Sight, I am giving you a Front Sight Patriot membership at no additional charge!
  • BONUS – BONUS!!  Children attend Free!
    When two enroll in the same family, the rest of the family living in the same household, and your children away for college, may attend any and all PT courses at no additional charge!
  • BONUS – BONUS – BONUS!!!  Ten (10) Guest Passes!
    Everyone who completes PT101 agrees…  Everyone knows additional family members, friends, co-workers, brothers and sisters at church, and other people like you, with families like yours, who need to attend Protective Tactics 101.  This bonus makes the membership Better Than Free!  Most people invest $500 or more to attend PT101, and most everyone agrees the value of the event is priceless.  When you join our Protective Tactics family by investing in a lifetime membership, you will receive 5 10, that’s right, five (5) ten (10) VIP passes to attend Protective Tactics 101 at no charge.  You can give away the passes or sell them to others.  If you sell each pass at the going rate of $500, your membership is much better than free!  More importantly, your referral will help others to be empowered to save their lives and save their families!  What could be better than that?  Join today and get your five ten VIP passes to empower others making the investment in your membership better than free!
  • New Bonus!   Attend Kardio Kickbox Free!
    Nearly every Monday and Wednesday from 7-8pm for the past 26 years, Kim, Donnie, or I have taught a Kardio Kickbox fitness class in our Chesterton location that includes the mechanisms that will save your life and save your family that you learn in PT101.  How do you keep your skills top of mind, improve them, and get in the best shape of your life all at the same time?  Join us every Monday and Wednesday at 7pm.  535 Broadway, Chesterton IN  46304.

    By the way, how important is fitness to your survival?  On average over 1800 people die in the US every day from preventable poor health related diseases.  You need good nutrition and exercise to survive!  Ever hear the phrase survival of the fittest?!  What’s the point of knowing how to stop an attacker if you die 10-15 years prematurely from bad health.  Once again, we are helping you to save your life!
    Regardless of the shape you are in now, that is where you start!  Anyone and everyone can do Kardio Kickbox.  You just adapt the moves to what you can do.  We teach options in every class.  Experience the benefits of more energy, more endurance, more flexibility, and better overall health free from dis-ease and discomfort.  Make this year your best year ever.  Join Protective Tactics family and attend Kardio Kickbox to workout and practice with us every week!
    What does a Kardio Kickbox class look like?  They vary tremendously from class to class and month to month, but you’ll always get a great workout.  You’ll also get plenty of repetitions to practice and sharpen your Protective Tactics moves!  Here is a link with a quick peek into one of our classes

How much is all this going to cost you?  The value of attending any and all courses both at Protective Tactics and Front Sight as often as you wish and as many times as you wish for life easily exceeds $100,000.  The value of saving your life or the life of a loved one when you learn the skills and strategies we teach is absolutely priceless.  How much is your life and the life of a loved one worth?  How much is it worth to live a happier, healthier life?  Personally, for my personal and professional development education I’ve paid $15,000 for a single weekend of training.  I’ve paid $25,000 for a single year of training.  I’m offering you a lifetime of training!  I could easily charge $10,000-$25,000 or more for a Protective Tactics lifetime membership and all the bonuses included.  However, I want to make it easy for you to join our family.  I believe there is tremendous need and value in what we teach.  I’d prefer to empower more good people to join us in the fight against evil, so I’m making membership as affordable as possible.  Therefore, I am offering you all of the above for one payment of only $1997 per member.  That is the value of the video education series alone.  That is less than half of the value of the Front Sight Patriot Lifetime Membership bonus alone!

How can I do that?  How can I offer lifetime attendance at no additional charge when other companies charge hundreds and even thousands to attend each course, each time?  How can I make a self-defense training course a life changing personal development course at the same time?  How can I include a Front Sight Patriot membership at no additional charge when it retails for $5,000 on the Front Sight website?  How can I offer an All-Inclusive Lifetime Protective Tactics Membership AND an All-Inclusive Lifetime Front Sight Membership for less than the cost of 1 semester at university?  How can I include unlimited attendance for your entire household including children attending college when two join?  How can I include five ten VIP passes to attend PT101 at no charge that you can give away or sell so that your loved ones and others can be empowered too, making the membership better than free?

I’ve invested over 36 years and $400,000 in specialized education.  As a serial entrepreneur for over 30 years, I’ve been very blessed in every way.  I’m giving back.  I also understand some of the secrets to success.  I’m committed to positively impacting individuals, families, and communities across the country.  I believe I can begin by paying it forward, by providing specialized education, by encouraging and empowering others to begin by accepting response-ability for their own attitudes and actions, by making them fear-less, and in many cases, to begin healing, for many, for the very first time.  Countless people need help.  I need your help to reach them.  Rather than spend thousands on advertising, I’m leaving thousands in your pocket and asking you to help me spread the word about what we are doing.  Join us.  Make a positive difference in your life, and in your family.  Train with us again, return with others, and encourage them to join and make a difference as well.  I’m on a mission and I need your help.  Word of mouth is The Best form of advertising.  I’m only asking a nominal monetary investment to help offset my cost.  Let’s make a positive difference, together.

I’m confident that you agree, what I teach is life saving and positively life changing, in so many ways, that I include a..

One Full Year – 365 Days

You’ve already discovered that Protective Tactics 101 is easy, it works, and you can do it!  If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of training you receive, you may be issued a refund of 100% Money Back!*  Simply make payment below and contact me and let me know why you’d like to join. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I’ve temporarily lowered the price from $5000 to only $1997 when you are able to take immediate action, and enroll now.  I’ll need to change it back to the $5000 any day now so that we can continue to cover costs and empower others.  Be sure to take advantage of this huge discount!


Easy Payment Plan…I understand that sometimes the heart is in the right place, but financial resources are not available at the moment.  At this price, I am offering so much and asking so little, that I will not accept less.  I am, however, willing to work with your financial timing, as long as you are willing to make a good faith payment and keep your commitment.  Make a payment now to secure this offer.  Then make a payment each month until paid in full.  You determine the payment amount.  I’ll charge no interest.  Even if you can only begin now with $50, I’m sure you’ll agree that the value of the membership is so great relative to the price, that this is an incredible offer.  Just be sure to get started today, in whatever way you can, to start receiving all the benefits of your lifetime memberships, to Save your life and save your family!  Make a payment now to secure this offer.

By the way, you all realize that when I use the word “invest” as referenced above, I am encouraging you to make your own choice to separate yourself from a little of your money in exchange for helping you to GET SOMETHING that YOU WANT, specifically in this instance, for you to gain the knowledge and skills to Save Your Life and Save Your Family.  Just to be clear, I am not offering you an opportunity to share or earn potential profits from Protective Tactics or my efforts in any way.  Yes, my attorneys told me that the “I” word (invest) might make people think I was soliciting or brokering a security.  Ridiculous, huh?  Remember, I am not an attorney, accountant, counselor, clergyman, or any other licensed professional.  I’m simply sharing my knowledge and experience to empower you in every way that I can.  Always check with a qualified professional before making any important decisions.  From here forward, cherish every moment.  Sincerely, don j