Don Johnson Protective Tactics – Defensive Handgun


Protective Tactics Defensive Handgun will empower you to save your life and save your family.  Register now for an upcoming class.

Protective Tactics Defensive Handgun

Friday and Saturday, July 20 & 21, 2018
Day 1.  Live Fire at a private range within 1 hour of Chesterton IN
Location will be disclosed to registered attendees.
Day 2.  Dry Fire at Chesterton Martial Arts & Fitness
535 Broadway, Chesterton IN  46304

You’ll learn:

  • How to protect your family when the attacker is bigger, stronger, and armed.

  • How to stop multiple attackers, even if you are sick, disabled, or injured.

  • Understanding the handgun

  • How to keep you and your family safe with a handgun in your home

  • The four rules of firearm safety

  • The five step draw

  • The three secrets of gun control

  • To carry or not to carry

  • How to retain your firearm

  • The 1 second tactic that could save your life

  • To shoot or not to shoot

  • Which handgun should you buy

  • The fastest way to improve your accuracy

  • The fastest way to improve your speed

  • The softest yet loudest sound you’ll ever hear in a gun fight

  • How to survive when your trigger is suddenly dead

  • How to survive once you’ve emptied your gun

  • What to do after you’ve shot someone in self-defense

  • Introduction to close quarters combat

  • The two safest, fastest, most effective ways to disarm a scumbag with a gun

  • How to save your life and save your family with 4 pounds of pressure in less than 1.5 seconds

All are welcome.  Register today!
Everyone age 18 and up may attend.  Children 12 and older may attend with a parent or guardian.

Members only at this Live Fire event.  

Email to confirm your reservation to attend.

Protective Tactics Lifetime Members
This class is now included in your lifetime membership at no additional charge!  I told you that your membership would keep getting better and better 😉

If you’d like to attend this firearm training to learn more about the handgun and how to safely and effectively own a handgun to protect yourself and your family, register to attend.  Email  or call 866-260-4897  ext 3


REQUIRED:  Registration and equipment check 8:30-8:45 a.m.
End time approximately 5 p.m.

Day 1 Live Fire
Friday, July 20, 2018
Live Fire at a private range.
Location will be disclosed to registered attendees.

Live Fire Required Equipment:
If you don’t have all the equipment listed below, limited equipment may be available for rental.  Contact us for details prior to the class.
Extra magazines (2)
Magazines pouch
Eye protection
Electronic hearing protection
Hat with brim that shades the eyes

Want to know where to get it all and what to get?

Lunch – bring a sack lunch.  We will eat together at the training facility.

Day 2 Handgun Combat including Extreme Close Quarters
Saturday, July 21, 2018
Dry Fire at our facility.
Chesterton Martial Arts & Fitness
535 Broadway, Chesterton IN  46304

This training will be held in our Chesterton facility using air-soft only.
No live ammunition in the building.
Belt and Holster highly recommended.
We provide the air-soft guns.
We will eat lunch together at George’s Gyros.