Live Immersion Training Events

 Live Immersion Training Events

Minimum two week advance registration
required for all events.  Register Today!

PT101 – Protective Tactics
2019 September 14 & 15  SOLD OUT
2019 October 12 & 13
2019 November 16 & 17

PT102* – Protective Tactics
2019 November 30

CT101 – Control Tactics
2019 December 14 & 15

DH101 – Defensive Handgun
2019 August 24 & 25
2019 September 28 & 29
2019 October 26 & 27

*Must graduate PT101 before attending PT102

$997.  per person*
For a limited time, attend each event for only $497!!!

Protective Tactics Lifetime Members may attend
all events at no additional charge!


*Full and partial scholarships available
*Discounts available for multiple family members.


The Tactics, Targets, & Tools taught at this event are so efficient and effective, that I, Don Johnson, reserve the right to selectively permit or deny the attendance of any individual.  In addition, during the event, if I feel that someone in attendance is not a force for good, and does not possess the intent to use the information only to protect their self and their loved ones, then I will surgically remove that person from the event and a full refund will be issued to that individual.  No discussion.

Apply to Attend by email to  Include your name, age, and the reason you want to attend, this life saving, and life changing training event.